Phyllis passionately practice and believes in the development of our associates, constant positive reinforcement in a team environment and valuing the differences and diversity of each individual associate in the organisation. With her open and sympathetic leadership skills she was often approached by associates and colleagues to give advice, guidence and instruction to resolve problem areas. This in turn has helped her to achieve results through people.

Kemone Fletcher
GM, Business Inovation Process
Rosenbluth International, USA

Phyllis joined Gulf Air with a vast experience of in the airlines administration in a general and deep knowledge of marketing and sales skills in particular and successfully achieved the highest standards of her job function. I have always known Miss Koessler as an ambitious, sincere, friendly and good mannered character and a pleasant personality.

Osman Daouk
Former Area Manager, Gulf Air, Switzerland

Phyllis' behaviour towards superiors and colleagues has always been correct and she was well liked from both. She was always prepared to assist her colleagues and was a valuable team member. Ms Koessler disposes of an open and honest personality.

Jürg Kaegi
GM, Emirates

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References from RADIUS travel and various workshop attendees


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