Outstanding achievements

Phyllis co-ordinated an international congress, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) held in Beijing in July 1999, whereby she as the leader, her carefully chosen full fledge Air China team together with the China Tourism Board and a major China Tour operator led a high level informative presentation to UPU travellers. As a result of this Air China not only won the full support of the travellers but was also awarded the official carrier of the UPU Congress worldwide. She capably followed through all the administrative, operative process and inter line agreements with other airline partners in co-ordinating this congress at such an international scale.

In an unusual business promotion project with Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Swissotel, Movenpick Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel and China Tourism Board she initiated a seminar for corporate travellers with a special theme "The Dilema of Business Travel" highlighting the cultural aspects of travelling to China for Business. For this seminar she had gained great applause and Air China's image was greatly improved.

I found Ms Koessler to be enthusiastic and diligent. Her lively and and direct sense of humour seems to enhance and build up the Air China team. She understood the cultural differences of Air China and the expatriate staff who came from China to work in the local condition. On the other hand she was well versed with the Swiss Travel Industry market, the German language and their way of doing business. All in all she was an excellent bridge between the west and the east.

Air China's revenue did did exceedingly well during her service with the company.

Jin Xiao Ping
GM, Air China, Switzerland



Special Interests Seminars

Phyllis' involvement in our Special Interest Seminars concentrated on aspects infrequently addressed, while making the subject matter imminantly accessible through a lucid lecture outline.

Her presentation is both professional and personal creating a stimulating and pleasant environment, very conducive to learning. We have extended our invitation for further contributions from her to more of these seminars.

Thomas Root


Marketing Project Success

Air Malta and Gulf Air were co-operating on the Australia route. Our excellent relationship enabled us to bring new business to both airlines.

On another marketing project Phyllis did an outstanding job in identifying the problem areas, building up customer data, advising us and drawing up some excellent statistical charts in relation to market information and passenger figures.

With these we were able to setup a winning marketing information system in our office.

Ray Borg
Manager, Switzerland

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