The Background - Problems and Opportunities for Global Businesses.



In a global business environment, corporations have to be effective and profitable in their business. However they face constraints and difficulties to achieve goals, which puts pressure on share holder value & profit margins. In addition, pursuing a global strategy often makes it difficult to sustain a talented and a motivated work force.

Companies and their employees would like to do well and market their products or services outside their domestic market. However, they do not know how to get started. They need to plough through a maze of complex, systemic processes and cultural issues before they can achieve their global goals and objectives.

Their employees, senior and middle management managers are motivated and open to new ways of doing business in the new world. However, where can they learn and acquire such global business expertise expeditiously?

After extensive interviews and research across the globe, Koessler Consulting was founded on these business principles to serve these needs of international companies and their globally oriented employees, and to bridge the cultural gaps to provide expertise in how to conduct global business successfully.

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What is the Focus of the Ideal Business Enterprise?

- Is it having the best business strategy?
- Is it having an amicable corporate culture?
- Is it having an excellent customer oriented philosophy?
- Is it having cash rich reserves and financial backings?
- Is it having competent & knowledgeable personnel?
- Is it having a visionary marketing plan?
- Is it having the most state-of-art key technology?
- Is it having a lean or a multi layer management structure?
- Is it having a decentralized or centralized decision-making process?

The list can go on…

Dr. Liberty, in his new book "The Mature Manager" argues that a Dysfunctional Organization is one which does not have managers who are "Wise Adults". He advocates upgrading the maturity level of managers, for example, from Low Functioning Adolescent/High Functioning Adolescent stage to "Young Adults", or from Young Adults to "Wise Adults" status which can revitalize an organization.

Certainly, this is one important component of an effective and dynamic business enterprise. There are also other aspects of the business enterprise which need to be evaluated.


  • See diagram the components of the Ideal Global Enterprise (reserved for consultation only)
  • Components of an Ideal Global Business Enterprise (reserved for consultation only)

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Project Objectives and Rationale

To provide training/coaching programs for business executives of all levels who can fit into a global business environment (i.e. Liberty's principles on Global Perspective On Human Maturity combination with Koessler's concepts on International Marketing Strategies Across Cultures )

To instill passion and influence change from dysfunctional corporations saturated with LFAs (Low Functioning Adolescent) & HFAs (High Functioning Adolescent) to globally oriented & dynamic multi-national corporations around the world (staffed with culturally sensitive Young Adults & Wise Adults)

To show the domino effects of how a mature organizational leadership and culturally knowledgeable corporations can influence change in the way of doing business globally in the future. How it will influence the front liners, middle management managers, top decision makers, the customers etc, the revenue it will generate for the company, the spirit of the company, the shareholder values, and responsibility to the international community at large.

To instill a globally oriented culture there is no right or wrong culture, no one culture is superior over the other, no right or wrong answers; there is no rigid methodology to organization and marketing strategy. This is due to the constant changing marketing and business environment in global business.

Henceforth organizations/corporate & marketing strategies need to be constantly modified or updated. The organization & staff responsible need to constantly upgrade their skills to keep up the pace. Upgrading of skills in this context means combinations of Liberty's principles from LFAs/HFAs to YAs to WAs, and Koessler's concept from an insular business mind set to a global mind set.


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Expected Outcomes

  • Synergies
  • Winning team
  • Increasing profitability margin & revenue
  • Dynamic learning from others, dynamic teaching to others
  • Personal development
  • Global package to customers
  • Forming other partnership alliances
  • Expanding business contacts globally
  • Generating business development internationally
  • Creating global business goodwill & friendship
  • Becoming an instrument of world peace
  • Blazing new trails
  • Increasing shareholders' value
  • Achieving a successful merger or acquisition

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Our Model for Global Customer Care

Having worked in several airlines and travel companies with different experiences and views on customer care philosophies, it is enriching to consolidate these views into practical approach to global business. Each company has it's own strengths and weaknesses and is unique in it's ways of catering to their customers.

Below is my outlined model (reserved for consultation only) of how an effective customer service strategy can be implemented in the company, especially in the context of a global company, be it an airlines or other industry.

Many companies succeed in implementing customer care strategy at their home base market, but when it comes to going into international markets they often fail.

In many cases, European, American, Asian companies were so successful in the European Union, United States or Asia, they have totally become domestic centered. However, their global clients abroad have a totally different set of needs and wants. When the business practices were so unfamiliar to them they failed to implement a new global account in their foreign strategic business units (SBUs) or launch a product successfully into a new market place.

These companies demonstarted a lack of strategic sense, business savvy and finesse from my experience and point of view. The staff from domestic oriented countries could not explore new market opportunities and potential customers as their language and cultural abilities were limited. It was difficult to build relationship marketing in a different cultural environment.

With my recommended model, I emphasize both international and domestic markets /customers, with a further emphasis on cultural finesse amidst all of the generic components. Additionally, now with the added experience of Dr. Liberty's Principles, it will enhance customer values.

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The Ways Forward -Tactical plans to achieve long term strategic goals

The tactical way to reach a long term strategic goal is to train, mentor, and counsel global executives from different cultural settings. It is in these areas of different cultural business settings, that Koessler and her team can come in to give greater input on how to market your company globally into the future after having trained and upgraded your managers to maturity, globally savvy in business by Koessler's and Liberty's Team.

We can build an IDEAL SCENERIO of a business enterprise package (as stated in the above diagram) based on Liberty's principles and Koessler's marketing concepts and offer them either as a global package or our clients can choose the components separately.

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