Welcome to global business strategies.

Every business leader knows that it is now imperative to become a global business. This means understanding how to conduct business within different cultures and in different languages.

Every internationally focused business needs the ability and competency to be able to effectively conduct international business.

Koessler Consulting offers that competency - around the world, and that's why we exist !

Our approach helps you bridge the cultural gaps by coaching, mentoring and advising you in the following areas:

  • The art & science of successful global business
  • International marketing across cultures
  • Managing information systems successfully in diverse market places and effectively managing global information technology systems
  • Global expertise in business negotiations
  • Penetrating international markets through people
  • Multi-cultural communication in a global team concept
  • International customer care strategy
  • Global branding marketing strategy
  • Winning the hearts of people from the executive suite to line management and frontline employees
  • Developing an international entrepreneurship mentality
  • Ways to be culturally sensitive in a foreign business environment
  • Business presentations and negotiations in cross-cultural settings
  • Global contractual business agreements
  • Leadership and personnel management in a foreign business environment
  • Developing the right market analysis and initial market penetration strategy for your product and services in a foreign market place.

Facilitating Services

Ms Phyllis Koessler is an experienced facilitator for intermediation & facilitating in commodities trading and offer consulting services for the following products

  1. Crude oil
  2. Russian D2
  3. Gold Bullion
  4. Cement
  5. Iron ores
  6. Precious stones (diamonds, sapphires & rubies)
  7. Currency exchanges & various banking instrutments
  8. Aerospace & Defense Network Services
  9. She assists in drafting all NCND agreements, S&P Contract Agreements, LOI and other contractual agreements for partner companies and intermediaries

*Hourly Charges & Out of Pocket Expenses are applicable to the above services partially upfront.

Phyllis believes in the value of achieving results through people. Her leadership style and personal characteristics were apparent when she was routinely sought out by colleagues for advice. Her ability to see the key components of business direction plus her ability to deliver results made for an effective combination.

Stephen P. Lovato
Managing Director, Incentive Dynamics

"The Background - Problems and Opportunities for Global Businesses"

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